Privacy Policy


Participation in Toplevel AcademyProgram requires you to share both yours and your child’s personal information with Toplevel Academy, including names, pictures, addresses, emails, medical data, payment/tax related data and banking data. Below is a brief description of how Toplevel Academy will use your information:

  • TopLevel Academy will keep your information on file.
  • Toplevel Academy will use personal information collected for the purpose of proactive communication and conducting of Toplevel Academy Program your child applied for.
  • Third parties may be used to keep and update this information in the United Kingdom or in other countries whose privacy laws may not be the same as those in the country where you live. Toplevel Academy will require those third parties to store your information securely and not use it for any reason(s) other than what is described on this form.
  • Toplevel Academy employees, some of whom may be in the United Kingdom and other countries outside of the European Union will be able to access your information if their work reasonably requires access to fulfill the purposes stated on this form.
  • Toplevel Academy will review your information to ensure it meets domestic and U.K. laws that are applicable to Toplevel Academy.
  • If potential legal or compliance concernsare identified, information that you provide may be shared with Toplevel Academy’s external legal advisors and/or domestic and foreign legal and regulatory authorities.
  • Documents related to your interaction with Toplevel Academy may be reviewed by Toplevel Academy’s internal corporate audit department or its external auditors.
  • Toplevel Academy will share your information to respond to information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law.
  • In very rare circumstances, where national, state, or company security is at issue, Toplevel Academy will share our entire database of visitors and customers with appropriate governmental authorities.
  • At all times you have the right to access your data and to amend or delete your personal information or to withdraw consent for collection and processing of your personal information. Should you wish to access or amend or delete your personal information Toplevel Academy has on file, please contact the Toplevel Academy admin office at e-mail address: ikenwakanma@gmail.comor telephone: 08062665099.
  • Respective collection and processing of your personal information is voluntary based. Not consenting to respective data collection and processing or withdrawing consent results with Toplevel Academy not being able to conclude/continue the Toplevel Academy Program with you.


By payment of any sum to Toplevel Academy, you are acknowledging your agreement to the processing of your information as described in this Privacy Notice.